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This seminar teaches health professionals the theory and practice of Functional Metabolic Analysis, a revolutionary nutritional system based on the observation that one of two fundamental homeostatic control systems dominates the metabolism of any given individual. By correctly identifying the dominant system (the Oxidative or the Autonomic), as well as the relevant sub-type (Fast or Slow Oxidizer, Sympathetic or Parasympathetic), you will be able to recommend a diet and supplement regime specific to each individual. This seminar will provide you with a cutting-edge nutritional protocol to give you a competitive edge in your practice.


During the seminar you will learn:


v    The theory behind the Metabolic Types

v    How to practice the Functional Metabolic Analysis protocol

v    How to interpret the test data and determine the Metabolic Type

v    What foods and supplements to recommend to each Metabolic Type

v    How to identify and address secondary imbalances: alkalosis/acidosis, anabolic/catabolic, electrolyte stress/insufficiency

As of 2010, we are no longer offering group seminars. We are offering a self study program for qualified health professionals. Please contact sylvie@bloodph.com for more information.



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