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Functional Metabolic Typing is a unique system of nutritional analysis based on the premise that there is no one diet that is right for everyone. Each of us is bio-chemically unique, but that within that uniqueness certain patterns of commonality emerge that we refer to as the Metabolic Types. Based on this understanding, we can recommend the types of food & supplements most suited to the individualís metabolism, thus cutting through the one-size-fits-all approach that characterizes most nutritional programs.

The method we teach is an in-office protocol which evaluates objective physiological markers in addition to reviewing a questionnaire. The cornerstone of the protocol is balancing the pH of the blood.

Our Mission

To promote the practice and acceptance of Functional Metabolic Typing.  By conducting seminars, research & other educational opportunities for the professional and the individual alike we strive to further  the field of Functional Metabolic Typing. 



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